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With sale jerseys looking a lot likely to pitch in relief at the moment (or maybe not, I guess), an expedited return from a detached late is all the more important for Peavy and the White Sox. It’s probable the Sox will be without Peavy for quite a while to start the year, but along with sunlight question is the way long that time will you ought to be.

National League Cy Young Award – Roy Halladay, Philadelphia Phillies. Halladay’s competition may easily come from the one of his three teammates in the Phillies starting rotation. Not that I would be wise to defend this pick, but Halladay has already established a sub-3.00 ERA given out three years, while winning at least 20 games in a pair of those seasons. Other than his teammates (Cliff Lee, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels), Giants’ Tim Lincecum often be Halladay’s only other threat for the award.

The race will begin at 6:30 yam. on July 12. After the race, the runners can attend a post-race party in the stadium to look at the MLB All-Star Game on the Jumbotron. Donations will be accepted from non-runners at the gate wish to attend the individual or group.

The Royals (17-11, 10-5 home) maintained a 1-0 lead throughout most on the afternoon, after an RBI double by Billy Butler scored Alex Gordon your first inning. The Royals outhit the White Sox (13-17, 6-10 away) 9-7.

Peavy says he will be at 60-70 percent heading into spring training, so his velocity is probable to be lower than usual as his arm & shoulder regain strength. If he’s throwing 94 mph on his fastball by the end of spring, maybe there’s an opportunity he returns sooner than early May also. But if his fastball is barely scraping 90 mph or is losing velocity early into outings, it can be a longer road again.